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Item #310

Nice Gift for the Fisherman in your life!
1 - 012 Knife Sharpener
1 - Point Sharpener
2 - Fish Filet Thimbles

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4-STEP SHARPENING SYSTEM - Restore, Sharpen, Hone, Polish

Item #340

The 4-Step Sharpening System includes 3 separate tools. It was developed to give you the best possible edge while preserving your knives. The BLUE tool restores the proper taper or angle on each side of your blade. The ORANGE tool sharpens and hones your blade. The YELLOW tool polishes and maintains your edge. The YELLOW tool also can be used whenever you hit something hard with your knife (bone, cutting board) to straighten out the "rolled over" edge.

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COMPLETE SHARPENING KIT - Restore, Sharpen, Hone & Polish

Item #350

The original 4-STEP SHARPENING SYSTEM in two (2) Handles!

The blue tool has the restoring and sharpening steels.. While the yellow has the honing and polishing steels.
1-2-3-4 and you have a new edge on you knife!
Sharpen serrated knives!
Also sharpen scissors hoes and shovels!

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DELUXE - Sharpen, Hone, Polish

Item #1000

The Edgemaker Deluxe combines three sharpening steps into our most versatile tool. Equipped with grooved sharpening steels, honing steels and polishing steels, this combines the best of all our sharpening tools and will bring an old dull blade back to life.

Available in GREEN ONLY

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EDGEMAKER PRO - Sharpen, Hone

Item #331

The Edgemaker Pro combines the same sharpening pins found in our Original Edgemaker with finer honing steels in the same convenient tool. The two-step sharpening method provided by the Edgemaker Pro will give a keen edge to any blade and is perfect for sharpening and honing any blade.

Available in ORANGE, BLACK and WHITE

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SPORTSMAN - Sharpens

Item #012

The Original Edgemaker is perfect for everyday sharpening needs. With grooved sharpening pins that perform comparably to a butcher's steel, this model works well with all blades, including serrated blades, electric knives and scissors.

Available in BLACK, ORANGE and WHITE

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QUICK SHARP - Restores

Item #007

Aggressive steels for restoring or preparing very dull knives. Also puts an edge on garden tools, shovels, and hoes.

Available in BLUE ONLY

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GOLDEN TOUCH - Polish, Finish

Item #021

Our Golden Touch Finishing Tool uses smooth steels for finishing and polishing blades. This tool will straighten wrinkles in a blade edge without removing metal and will develop a HARD FINISH TO YOUR NEWLY SHARPENED EDGE.

Available in YELLOW ONLY

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COBRA HIDE-A-WAY - Drawer Mount / Sharpen, Hone

Item #2000

The Cobra model mounts onto any drawer and provides convenient hands-free operation. Simple to install and easy to fold away when not in use, the Cobra sharpens any blade just like our other models. The Cobra is always readily accessible and is perfect for kitchen or workshop environment.

Available in WHITE and ALMOND

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POINT SHARPENER/COARSE - Fishing Hooks, Darts, Needles

Item #101

This is our coarse finish point sharpener. This model works best for sharpening working utensils.

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POINT SHARPENER/MEDIUM - Fishing Hooks, Darts, Needles

Item #102

This is our medium finish point sharpener. This model works best on sharpening fishing hooks.

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FISHERMAN'S FRIEND - Fish Filet Thimble

Item #201

Handy in the tackle box or the kitchen, The Fisherman's Friend is a perfect accessory for any one fileting fish. This thimble-like device uses a series of points to keep fish from sliding away during preparation. The one-size-fits-all Fisherman's Friend is ergonomically designed, and will work on both the left or right hand.

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