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Sharpening Knives

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Place the EDGEMAKER flat on the table with the EDGE GUIDE resting against the table edge to ensure the sharpener is held securely at a right angle. Hold the handle down in the HOLD HERE area and put the knife against the crossed GROOVED steels. Starting at the handle end of the blade, pull down with mild pressure, using less pressure as the knife gets sharper. For a keen edge, do some featherlight strokes on the honing steels last. This is called honing. For a centered edge, aim for the GUNSIGHT ALIGNER. For left-handed use, point handle to the right.
Serrated Knives

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You get all blades with wavy or serrated edges extremely sharp by simply pulling the knife through the inside of the steels with slow, light strokes. Do some light honing strokes last.
Electric Knives

To sharpen your electric knife, unplug the knife from the power source, remove blades, align the serrations and hold both blades firmly in place. Pull the blades slowly through the inside of the steels with some pressure. This will sharpen the outside edge of both blades at the same time.
Circular Blades, Meat and Cheese Slicers

Always unplug the power source. Hold the crossing point of the steels against the edge of the disk and turn the disk several times. Finish by honing.
Always Remember Safety First!
  • Use THE EDGEMAKER correctly, read the instructions.
  • Always unplug any power source from knives or blades before sharpening.
  • Use the HOLD HERE and the DON'T HOLD HERE areas for safety.
  • Use the EDGE GUIDE for placing the sharpener securely against the table edge, always at a right angle.
  • Use the THUMB GUIDE for safe use when sharpening knives with curved blades, fillet knives and odd shaped blades.
  • Never sharpen knives while drinking or using drugs.
  • When working with tools, haste makes waste!