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Sharpening Scissors

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Use the lined steels only on the ORANGE tool (Edgemaker Pro). Never sharpen the inside of the blade. When you take steel off the inside, you separate the blades. Lay the sharpener flat on the table. Open the scissors and rest the blade across one of the lined steels. Do not try to match the bevel of the scissor blade. Simply rest the blade on the sharpening steel so the blade is straight up and down. Now draw the scissors towards you, with very little pressure. Repeat several times. Then do the other blade.
Always Remember Safety First!
  • Use THE EDGEMAKER correctly, read the instructions.
  • Always unplug any power source from knives or blades before sharpening.
  • Use the HOLD HERE and the DON'T HOLD HERE areas for safety.
  • Use the EDGE GUIDE for placing the sharpener securely against the table edge, always at a right angle.
  • Use the THUMB GUIDE for safe use when sharpening knives with curved blades, fillet knives and odd shaped blades.
  • Never sharpen knives while drinking or using drugs.
  • When working with tools, haste makes waste!