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Customer Testimonies

Customer satisfaction is one of our primary goals, and we value any input regarding our products.   We are very confident that all Edgemaker products will serve our customers well.  But don't take our word for it - have a look at the following testimonials from satisfied users of Edgemaker products.   If you would like, please take a moment and let us know how our products have worked for you.   Please submit a testimony of your own!

November 2022

October 2022
Have used these sharpeners for many years and have always been very pleased with them. For a "shaving" type edge I use a leather board strop as a last stage and this gets the knife as sharp as any professional system I have used. Also their customer service is outstanding.
KRE (Waukegan IL USA)

June 2022
I bought my first Edgemaker at the Shot Show in Las Vegas back in 2006 and it has been the greatest and most effective knife sharpener I've ever owned. I kept turning the steels over the years and decided to buy a new one and use the old one in my hunting gear and tackle box. Nothing more better and effective then this low-priced, highly effective, sharpener. Don't pay more when you can have an Edgemaker. Kirk
Kirk Davidson (Colorado)

April 2022

May 2021
I have had an Edgemaker to sharpen my kitchen knives for 15+ years. It is so easy, even the wife can do it.

I don't see how anyone can go wrong with this easy, fast, and very safe tool. The concept was a great idea and the execution is compact and very affordable.

Joe Balke (Los Angeles, CA)

April 2017
Bought this set of three sharpening tools 5 years ago at the county fair and they have been my "go-to" sharpening tool for all knives and scissors ever since. No more sharpening stones or files. These three tools/Edgemaker Pro are the best. Thank you for a great website, also; with tips and tutorials.
Gary E. (Jackson, Minnesota)

December 2016
In 1991, I was stationed at K.I. Sawyer Air Base in upper Michigan. One day, while walking in the AAFES store, I ran across a man with a display set up selling a revolutionary new knife sharpener. Being an old country boy who always carry's a pocket knife, I was impressed at how quick and easy it was to keep my knife sharp. I bought 2 of the "Edgemaker" sharpeners. to this day I still keep one at home and one in my desk drawer. And just like in 1991, the sharpener still sharpens my knives. This has been one of the best tools I've ever bought. I joined the Alabama National Guard after leaving the Air Force and have carried the sharpener with me to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. My coworkers in the guard love it too and are always asking me to sharpen their knives.
Todd Atkins (Double Springs, AL Winston)

December 2016
Bought a set of Edgemaker knife sharpeners many many years ago at a gun show at least 10 years ago. I lost the dual red handle one during a kitchen remodel some how. But still have the gray single and it works to keep the edge on all my Wusthof knifes sharper than new still after all the years.
Charles Huffstetler (Sugar Hill Georgia U.S.A.)

August 2016
I've been using these 15-20 years. They beat every thing. You might get a better Edge with a series of stones. ( and time !). But ! You can't BEAT these for keeping ALL of our knives shaving sharp . So simple to use . I've Worn out 4 of them ! Just ordered 4 more. ( Christmas gifts). Use them every year cutting up Deer . You will not be Disappointed. Edge maker pro
Jerry sule (Green Bay wi)

May 2016
It is good to know that the Edgemaker steel is hard enough to handle the job. The information that I have seen indicates that the Blackbird SK5 has a 20 degree angle. I appreciate the advice about the secondary bevel, but I think it would be best to leave it alone.
Perhaps it was me but I noticed marks and rotated the steels on my Edgemaker Pro and The Golden Touch. I feared that the knife was beating up the Edgemaker products. That is why I settled on the Restoring steel, then the ceramic rod and a couple strokes on the Golden Touch for good measure.
I appreciate the simplicity and ease of the Edgemaker product. I have mild Cerebral Palsy which leads me to walk with a slight limp. It has also affected my hands. The result is that I have found hand sharpening a knife difficult, keeping the angle through the entire stroke required patience and concentration. I have to keep my movement very slow and deliberate. This was done for the above mentioned plan. Your products have worked wonderfully and easily on other knives, I even touched up several pairs of scissors with ease. The Golden Touch put a wonderful cutting edge on my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.
Sincere Thanks,

Nicholas Conway

March 2016
I sold literally thousands of these sets a number of years ago. I sold them at tgun shows, knife shows, farm shows, home shows, etc. For someone who has no idea how to sharpen a knife, can't take the time to sharpen knives, or even a seasoned professional who simply does not want to take the time to sharpen all his knifes, this is absolutely the best sharpening system out there. At shows, I used to ask for 5 pocket knives at one time and then ask someone to time me for 60 seconds. Always, and I do mean every time, I had all 5 knives sharpened usually with 7 to 10 seconds to spare. By sharpened, I mean sharp enough o shave the hair right off my arm. I used to give my customers my own personal guarantee (out of my pocket), if they didn't like the product when they got it home and gave it an honest effort by following the instructions and listening to what I told them, that I would refund their money. That's how much I believed in this product. I personally have had the same set of Edgemakers in our kitchen drawer for over 20 years and my wife uses them too. You absolutely cannot go wrong with the 4-step system.
Randy Westhoff (24011 Lyon Rd Parsons, Ks. 67357 U.S.A)

February 2016
Bought Edgemaker green tool last week at Sport show, I was skepticaL, the guy sharpened my long blade hunting sheath knife and fileyed paper, UNBELIEVABLE !! I live in the everglades in Fla. bought 3 of them , I hunt gators, blown away, hope it works for me !!
jiom bossard (harrisburg pa)

February 2016
I bought my edgemaker at a gun show approximately 17 years ago. I have used it on every style of knife I could find, and it always works. I have only rotated the sharpening sticks twice, and still get the original quality sharpness as when I first bought it.
Jerry Curtis (Bossier City, LA)

January 2016

The Edgemaker All-In-2 Sharpening Kit is capable of putting a shaving sharp edge on any knife.
I have collected knives for 56 years and have knives with premium steels such as S30V, S35V, ZDP189, VG10, etc
I was particularly impressed when the Edgemaker was able to put a shaving sharp edge on a knife with ZDP-189 in a couple of minutes.

There is a learning curve in using the takes a little experimenting to use the right amount of pressure and then lighten up on the pressure as you progress through each stage. It is a combination of listening to the sound as the edge smoothes out and feeling the difference in the resistence. At the end you are letting up on the pressure and just using the weight of the knife to draw it through the Edgemaker

Once you have gotten on to the proper technique the Edgemaker will put a shaving sharp edge on a knife in a very short amount of time.

The nice part is that the Edgemaker removes very little metal, so your knives will last for years.

Also, the Edgemaker steels do not load up with metal shavings, so you don't have to mess with cleaning them.

The Edgemaker steel rods will last a lifetime since they can be rotated 6-8 times and even taken out and reversed to use the opposite ends. Under normal use it would probably be several years before you would need to rotate them for the first time.

Since the rods are round like a sharpening steel, they will not damage the edge of a knife like the flat sided carbide pull through sharpeners will.

I have even put a shaving edge on Chris Reeve Sebenzas with my Edgemaker and the edge looks perfect.

I use the Edgemaker All-In-2 Sharpening Kit to edge the kitchen knives for a restaurant and the kitchen help loves the edge it puts on the knives.

I would highly recommend the Edgemaker All-In-2 Sharpening Kit.

Dave Sizemore (Richmond, Indiana)

November 2015
This is just about the best system for sharpening knives going. I sharpen all of my knives (kitchen, folding, sheath) with this system. Nothing worse than a dull knive unless it is a lot of dull knives and I can be somewhat particular. Depending on how dull my knives are, I sometimes begin with a two grit stone with oil then to the Edgemaker. Great product.
Darryl M. Shekas (Steubenville, Ohio)

August 2015
I bought my first set of the Edgemaker over 25 years ago at a motorcycle event where a vendor was demonstrating it's use.
I was amazed at how simple it was to use and how well it worked.

25 years later I still use the original sharpeners and am still amazed and pleased how well it still preforms.

Sure was worth the money.

Horse (Southern Ohio)

August 2015
Picked up an Edgemaker Pro (Orange) and Polish (Yellow) set 15-20 years ago at some sort of show in Memphis. Though I do not remember what kind of show it was, I have not forgotten the small purchase I made while I was there. I have always kept the Edgemaker sharpening set in the knife drawer to use for a quick sharping job. However, today I was reminded of why I was sold on this product so many years ago. My everyday carry knife has been long overdue a good sharpening, so today I broke out my best Arkansas sharpening stone and honing oil and started working on putting a good edge back on the blade. After numerous passes my blade was adequately sharpened but not impressive. I then broke out the ole trusty Edgemaker and after 10-15 passes the blade was sharp as a surgical instrument. Great product that truly stands the test of time!!! Think I know what friends and family will be getting this year for Christmas...
K.D. (Little Rock, AR)

June 2015
I received my Edgemaker Pro-Model #331 on June 6,2015. I used it to sharpen my steak knife & it works pretty well. I intend to use it on all of my knives. Yours is a very good product. I will recomend it to my friends. Thank you very much, John.
John Steiner (Altoona, Pa. USA)

May 2015
I went to a sportsman show in San Bernardino Ca. in 1985 and watched a gentleman demonstrating how easy it was to sharpen a knife with the Edgemaker Pro. I was a little suspicious of the ease so I handed him my 40 year old Case pocket knife that was extremely dull. In about 30 seconds he gave me back my knife that was razor sharp. I had to have this sharpener and am still using it today. What a great invention.
Steve Kokor (Redlands, California)

January 2015
As a carpenter, I have tried many different sharpening tools and systems
for my chisels and other woodworking tools. Our kitchen knives were always
sharpened using the same tools but it was inconvenient to take the knives to my
workshop. The Edgemaker Pro solved the problem. It produces an edge which is
comparable to my best woodworking sharpening systems.
Most importantly, it stays in the kitchen and can be used any time an edge needs a
little fine tuning. I have used it for 15 years and recommend it to all who ask why
the knives in my house are always so sharp.

Dick Noffke (Chicago, Illinois)

October 2014
Yeah, I got the Edgemaker Pro set about 21 years ago in a Wasilla Sportsman show. I saw the dude using it and then I needed one of them bad! every other sharpener I have pales in comparison to The Edgemaker Pro. A friend saw what Edgemaker did to his dull knives and now he is getting a Edgemaker Pro set.Simply the best knife sharpener I have ever used. Made is USA is great too> Thanks, Jay
JayM. Levell (Palmer, Alaska United States of America)

July 2014
about 25 years ago my sister and brother-in-law bought me a skin diver knife, it was long, heavy and had a thick blade on it and I tried several types of sharpeners but could never get a good cutting-edge on it.
About August 1989 I went to a gun show in Princeton Illinois and took the knife to have a professional sharpening for me and while I was there a man was demonstrating a knife sharpener.
The man would take a knife and try to slice a piece of paper in the paper would just crumple then he would run the knife through his knife sharpener a few times and the knife would make a clean splice through the paper.
After his demonstration I took my skin diver knife to him and asked him if he could sharpen that. He took my skin diver knife and ran it through the edgemaker sharpener he had and then took a piece of paper and my skin diver knife sliced through that piece of paper like the razor.
I looked at the man and just said "sold" and I have had that edgemaker every sense and recently bought a new one although the old one still works as good as ever.
This is truly one of the best products that has earned its reputation by doing what they promise it will do and I would even go on TV and endorse the edgemaker sharpener for free.
Thank you for making a product that truly does what you advertise.

James L. Yepsen (Yuma, Arizona)

June 2014
I purchased my Edgemaker Pro about 30 years ago (shortly after it had been invented) at a gun show in Cass City, Michigan - the guy was demo'ing it and asking folks to step up with any old knife and he'd sharpen it and slice a piece of paper into layers. Well I was so impressed I bought it and am still using it. I love my Edgemaker Pro!
Dan Widdis (Jenison, MI, USA)

May 2014
The best AFFORDABLE , sharpener I have owned.
Gary Hanlon (1898 Redwood Dr. Whitehall Pa.)

February 2014
I bought an Edgemaker Deluxe at a gun show in Fargo about 20 years ago. Very simple to use and very effective. Still works great. My wife loves it and uses it to keep her kitchen knives sharp. The only that's changed over the years is that the price has doubled.
Fred Lavenuta (Fargo, ND)

February 2014
I got my Edgemaker Pro knife sharpener free with some knives I bought at a county fair back in 1992 and I am still using it and it still works great. I love it so much that today I ordered 5 more for gifts.
Bonnie (Deltona, Florida)

February 2014
I bought my edgemaker orange,blue andyellow handles 14yrs ago at a rendezvous in Indiana I still think they are great.wouldnt trade them for anything.
james cook (oklahomacity)

January 2014
Had mine for 20 years,I finally need a new one .Awesome product,will never use anything else.Thanks for a great product that is so easy to use .It's better than having to go the old route with a stone. God Bless.
Grady Guinn (Toledo,Ohio)

December 2013
I bought a complete set of the edgemaker many years ago and it is only sharpening
tool that I have ever bought that actually worked. It is a great product and many of my friends over the years has seen me use them and now have a set of there own.
Thanks for making something that really works.

Dennis Adams (Jacksonville, NC)

November 2013
I recently bought the edgemaker pro. This is a great product and it sharpens all knives very well. I've tried other sharpeners from other companies, and I was dissapointed.
This product is easy to use, and thank you for such a great quality knife sharpener.
Mr. Al Rooks

Al Rooks (New Castle, Pa. Lawrence county)

August 2013
The edgemake is the best sharpener that I have ever used in my bus or home and any place I go fishing I bought 2 of the sharpeners 11 years ago and they have worked great I am a full time guide and work on the water 100 to 150 days a year i have to sharpen 6 to 8 knife a week and just now have to send them in and get new one they just don't wear out they work great every time you put a blade on them I would recommend the edemaker to any one that need the best knife sharpener on the market to day let me tell I have used a lots on knife sharpeners in my life I been fishing all my life and this tool is the best and has held up the best in all my years of cleaning fish it is the Best one you can buy. Capt Randy Foreman Sabine Lake Texas
Capt Randy Foreman Sabine Lake (Sabine Lake Port Arthue Texas)

July 2013
Saw the demo today at the Novi Gun & Knife show. Thought I'd give it a try since I'm always trying new gadgets. Bought the Deluxe version and just tried it out on 10 knives I thought were sharp. Unbelievable ! Big difference from the other sharpeners I was using. Even used it on a couple of brand new factory edge never used knives and it made a difference. You could feel it smooth out the rough factory edge. Definitely worth the $20 I paid.
John Mercier (Auburn Hills, Michigan)

July 2013
I finally understand after reading your tutorials! Thanks so much for the clear and helpful information.
Cittadini (QMmHT9KY3)

July 2013
I bought the orange sharpener at a flea market in Jefferson, Georgia, in 1997. I still have that same sharpener, and it is is as good today as it was new. I get a good clean sharp blade every time. The sharpener is not a gimmick that only works a few times. This is the real deal folks.
Franky (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

March 2013
I've sharpened about 12 kitchen knives and 2 pocket knives. Best sharpener that I've ever used. (All-In-2)
Arthur McClure (Vero Beach, FL, USA)

January 2013
Just got the edgemaker deleuxe and love it. My wife just gave me all her dull knives to sharpen and now she is happy. She can use it to. It is really easy to use.
Burt (West Olive, Michigan, Ottawa)

December 2012
i bought the 4 step system about 7 years ago and have depended on it all the time. quick and easy to use even someone that has never had a sharp edge can get one quickly. the only problem i have is my brother-in-law and son seem to forget where this fine system calls home great product
bill marchetti (pueblo co)

December 2012
This is the best knife sharpener ever! I have had my set for probably 20 years, I still use it very often. You will not be disappointed.
mike love (front royal, va)

November 2012
john wright (amherst, va)

October 2012
I purchased a set at the Minneapolis Sport show back in the 80's, Every year the had orders from all my relatives and friends....... I don't know of a better tool. We have tones of customers that will be amazed how good they work. Will get an order in soon.


August 2012
I've used the Edgemaker Pro for over 15 years and it is nearly indestructable. I have only turned the rods maybe three times. It is everything they say about it. One great product.....
Steve (Southern Cal)

August 2012
Included in this box are a half dozen assorted types of Edgemaker knife sharpeners. I have purchased these sharpeners over the past 25 years. My 37
year old son and I have been using them religiously for all those years. We keep them in our tackle box, in our hunting packs, and pull them out and use at home all
the time. We have used other sharpeners that other guys have shown up with in
hunting and fishing camps, but none have worked as well. They are simple to use
and do a great job of sharpening. We have convinced quite a few of our fellow
hunters and fishermen to purchase the Edgemaker. I even made a believer out of a professional hunting guide. My friend Butch has guided elk hunters in New Mexico for 40 years and skinning and quartering elk is tough on a knife. It was not
easy, but when Butch was skinning and boning my bull, I convinced him that he
should try the Edgemaker on his knife. Well, he loved it! When I returned home to
Michigan, I purchased a new Edgemaker Pro and mailed it to him. I didn't get a
free hunt out of the deal, but Butch loved his Edgemaker. I called Edgemaker last
week and asked to purchase some new steel inserts for our sharpeners. We have
turned and swapped ends on ours so many times that it is getting very difficult to
sharpen knifes. The person I spoke with at Edgemaker told me that new steel
inserts were not available. I told myself that I guess I should just pitch the
Edgemaker sharpeners that I have and buy new ones. I was surprised when he
told me that the Edgemaker sharpener had a life time guarantee and that if I
mailed my old Edgemakers in, they would replace them for a shipping charge of
$5.50 for the doubles and $3.50 for the singles. I have had many good years of
service out of these Edgemakers and would very much appreciate it if you could
replace them. I would also like to purchase a BLUE handle Edgemaker that I can
use for very dull knives. Thank you very much.

Norbert D. (Casnovia, MI)

July 2012
I've been sharpening my hunting knife for the past 15 years or so with my edgemaker sharpener system. I got the 4 step sharpening at the Eastern Outdoors Expo in Harrisburg after watching a presentation.
Each year, my knife dulls from cutting branches and twigs while camping but the Edgemaker brings it back so sharp, it's like using a fine surgical scalpel when field dressing my deer.
Excellent quality - way to go Edgemaker!

Brian (Hamburg, PA)

June 2012
I have used the edge maker for years for all my fishing knifes and Knifes around the house. It works great and am ordering more to keep on my boat. I got my first edge at the Minnesota State Fair.
Marlyn Teeter (Hastings MN)

June 2012
I've spent the last couple of hours learning to use the sharpeners. I'd watched the videos and read the instructions several time but there's still a bit of a learning curve when it comes to determining when the knife is passing smoothly through the rods. Impatience was my initial problem but I learned to take my time and I now have keen edges on all my kitchen cutlery.
About six months ago, I bought a Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener. It does a fine job but, because of the odd shape it puts on the edges, I could no longer use a honing steel to correct rolled over edges. Lugging that unit out to do touch-up work was unacceptable. The odd edge shape is likely the reason I had to spend so much time with the first two steps with your sharpening system. I look forward to selling the Work Sharp to recoup some of what I spent on it.
I also look forward to using sharp knives again without all the hassle using the electric tool entailed.



Mark P

June 2012
Dear EdgeMaker

In 1995, I went to a Home Show in Oscoda, Michigan. Looking at all the interesting (and occasionally silly) new products, I stumbled across this guy sharpening a knife. It was impressive but things can easily be manipulated in front of a crowd. The person giving the demonstration must have seen the skepticism on my face and asked if I had a knife. He said he could make it sharp enough to shave the hair off my forearm in less than a minute or I could have the complete set for free. Being somewhat of a sharpening stone expert, I obliged based on the fact this guy had no idea what shape my knife was in. It just so happened that I had my Leatherman in my pocket and it was in terrible need of a new edge, to which I was going to correct that evening. Within a matter of seconds, this guy turned my knife blade from an edge capable of cutting only air and pre-melted butter to a blade sharp enough to cut through newspaper just by what seemed like waving it over the top! The newspaper appeared to be scared of the edge! He made my knife sharper than I could have made it in a half hour!!! Needless to say, I bought the complete 4-step set.

Last night, I was cutting some steak and concluded I needed to put a new edge on my knife. I whipped out my 4-step set and within moments had a blade that cut through my steak like it was merely a thought. I am still impressed with this product, well over a decade and a half later! One of these days, I will give up another $30 and buy a new set. Not because mine is worn out but because I feel I have gotten well more than my money’s worth out of mine and I would like a new set.

Thank you for making an amazing product. I tell everyone I know about these things whenever we talk about blades and to this date, nobody can create an edge as fast (and as sharp) as I can with my EdgeMaker. Cheers to an outstanding product. Thank you for keeping the product out there.

"RED" Miller (Okeechobee, Florida)

May 2012
AWESOME! Medium hook sharpener just arrived in the mail. 4 days from Ohio via USPS,came with tracking I did not ask for!
Took the sharpener out of the padded envelope with lots of expectation. Grabbed a brand new Mustad 2/0 jighook that seemed pretty sharp. Made 3 strokes each side checked for improvement. Improvement would not describe how insanely sharp this hook is now!
You can name all the stones,files,sharpers you like by all the fishing industry,believe me they have been tried and forgotten.
Let there be no doubt,if you are hardcore about your gear,this is the last one you will purchase.

David Sawyer (Fort Lauderdale,Florida)

March 2012
Simply the best, easiest to use sharpener, sharpening system, etc available. Period. Full Stop.
Over the years I have worn out over a dozen or so: ( not that they don't last: I keep every edge in the house razor sharp ) I keep buying because they keep working!

James D (Oregon)

March 2012
Without a doubt the easiest and most effective knife sharpening system I have ever used. It has worked on knives from nearly new to the oldest knives that I have (which I inherited from my grandfather and he has been gone since 1968). If you follow the provided instructions your knives will be as sharp as (or possibly even sharper than) the day they left the store. I will never be without this sharpening system again....I plan on ordering at least one more to keep in my 5th wheel and possibly one to keep with my hunting gear.....Thanks Edgemaker for a GREAT product..!!!
Steve F. (Pavilion, NY)

February 2012
Seeing is Believing! This is the best sharpening tool I have ever seen. I will never be without one!
Teresa Byrd (Pawleys Island, SC USA)

January 2012
I bought a three step sharpening system, one orange 2-step hone and one yellow. I bought mine, around 15 (maybe more,) years ago, they've survived three moves, countless drops, spills,etc. I've used and abused these sharpeners, sharpened anything & everything. Literally! These handy little tools are hanging right on my main workbench, so I can get right at them. Like the minuteman of old, these EDGEMAKER Sharpeners they are tough and ready and fast, too! Glad I found you on the net!
Mike Boyles (Kokomo, IN, United States of America)

January 2012
I bought my Edgemakers about5 to 8 years ago in a sport show in Rockford Ill, best knife sharpeners i have ever used, & they are still going strong
Edward V. Hogue (Janesville Wisconson USA)

January 2012
WOW!!!!!!!!!! Finally, a sharpener that actually, yes you read that right, actually works. I don't know how long they last but you can believe I will be buying a few more so I am never without one of these great sharpeners. Now, I can actually get the blade on my Wenger Swiss army sharp. Great sharpener. Buy one right now. Don't wait. The best!
David Lewis (North Georgia)

December 2011
A good friend gave me one of the 4-Step Sharpening Systems a few months back. I do a lot of beef and pork cooking for big events and I use your system all the time. It is the simplest, most convenient and effective sharpening system I have ever used. Everywhere I go, people ask about it and marvel at how easily it works. I'm buying 8 of the Delux models to give as Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for developing a handy and effective knife sharpening system.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Dale Miller (Raleigh, North Carolina)

November 2011
I got one of you sharpeners 'the Edge Pro' sometime in the '90's and I'm a big fan of the product! I even lost it for a couple of years outdoors where if lay on the ground under the snow and rain but it's still working and now that I found it again I saw the name of the product and located you - now I can order more!

Jyri Timonen, Helsinki, Finland

Jyri Timonen (Finland)

November 2011
I bought my Edgemaker Pro over 20 years ago after seeing it on Cajun Phil's Fishing Show. It is by far the best and easiest sharpener to use and it works every time. My most favorite knife is a butcher knife I have had before I got the Edgemaker Pro and it stays sharp as ever. I use it to cut everything in the kitchen and the knife looks like brand new. The blade has never worn down in the middle and is sharp as a razor always. I plan on getting the 4-Step Sharpening System as a Christmas Present to myself. Thanks Edgemaker.
Whitey Davidson (Prairieville, LA)

September 2011
This is the best sharpener I have ever used. My brother, who fishes alot, told me about this years ago and I have used them since. I have also given one to our son, who also loves it. I hope they will always be available.
Pat Lierz (Topeka, Ks USA)

September 2011
I bought my edgemakers at an fishing show over 24 years ago and I still use them I know tha because I bought before I got married and I've been married for 24 years now. I'm not sure when I actually bought them, could be more like 28 years. I have the orange and light gray set. I came on line to see if the company still exists because I was thinking a getting a set for some friends for this coming Christmas.
Andy Christoforou (Airmont, New York, USA)

August 2011
These are the best knife sharpening tools ever..... we bought a set many years ago at the MN state fair and brag about them always. The original set is still in good shape. I just now decided to look and see if there was a website because we would like to buy a set as a gift for a friend (he always has dull knives) and here it is!! The price is very reasonable and I can't wait to order more.
Momalyn (Minnesota)

August 2011
I bought my 1st sharpener at a hunting/fishing expo in St Paul, MN, many years ago and wouldn't be without one! Have given many to friends for gifts! Super easy and works every time! No "moving parts" to wear out!
Mary Carlsen (Spicer, MN, USA)

July 2011
The best and easiest knife and tool sharpener I've ever used don't ever stop making them.
allen good (Kincaid WV)

June 2011
I bought my first and only Edgemaker back in 1985. All these years and it's still sharpens my blades so well that I inform the family when I've sharpened something. I have seen many sharpeners over the years but my little orange Edgemaker and the most unbelievable tool I've ever owned. Just wanted to thank the owners, maybe, Cushing Enterprises, for coming up with this wonderful sharpener. I am so excited to find they are still around cause I'm going to get several as gifts...all will be very pleased!
Cheryl Begrud (Tacoma, Washington)

May 2011
It has got to be at least 15 years since I bought my set of Edgemakers. Got them at a Knife & Gun Show. I had always used stones and got fair results after years of practice. But with The Edgemaster, I became an instant master. I even got a reputation for sharpening knives. My office was in our Courthouse and friends and law enforcement would bring in their knives. I even had them sign a form to release me from liability if they accidentally cut themselves. I can't imagine a more perfect product. It says what it does, and does what is says!
Barney Mitchell (Carolina Shores, NC)

May 2011
I am not sure how long I have had my edgemaker, but it has been many uears.
I keep the Edgemaker in a drawer with all of my kitchen knives.
From the smallest paring knive to the largest butcher knife, the edgemaker sharpens them all with ease.
The Edgemaker is a great sharpeing tool!

Clyde Harris Jr. (Zelienople, PA)

April 2011
I am over in Iraq - hence the APO - and your product is the best knife sharpern I have used yet, everyone in the office is getting one.


Ben (Iraq)

April 2011
For years I have searched for an easy to use fillet knife sharpener. I have tried stones, steels, ceramics, electric sharpeners. But nothing ever came close to bringing it in to a professional and having them do it. Its frustrating too, because when filleting fish, an absolutely sharp knife is a must.

I had even told my wife that if I ever found a sharpening system that was easy and that actually WORKED I was going to get it, even if I had to pay $100 for it!

Anyhow, a friend of mine had old Edgemaker Pro that he got at L&M Fleet in his cleaning house one night. We had about 30 walleyes/crappies to clean that night. I took out my pathetic fillet knife that is chronically dull and ran it along the sharpener about 30 times until the sound changed and it became smoother. Then I did the same in the honer.

I could not believe how sharp it was! And it took about 45 seconds or so! He had never really used it, he was the traditionalist type, whetstone, perfect angles, honing oils, etc. He only got it as what he thought was a cheap sharpener he could through in the tackle box.

I showed him how sharp it got the blade and he really couldn't believe he had had it so long without really ever using it. Anyway this is starting to sound like an infomercial, but I'm telling you, this thing really works.

Michael (Duluth, MN)

March 2011
Dear Sir, I have had numerous edgemaker sharpeners. I have finally broke my orange one where the tines are connected to the plastic. Can I send it back for a new one? I know when I bought it the package said guaranteed for life. If not, its still the best knife sharpener that I have ever had. Thanks. Randy
Randy Huffman

February 2011
I bought one of these 0ver 16 years ago and have taken it everywhere from Mexico to Alaska and many states between. There is no better faster sharpener made and I've tried lots of them. For quick touch-ups while filleting or butchering there is no other solution that provides the quality edge needed for fast and safe work. You could sell them for a lot more and still give a good deal..Thanks
Jim Pugh (La Mesa NM)

December 2010
i bought a set some 15 years ago at a boat show and have been using it since. Everyone i show says its a must have for their knive sets. There isn't a knife that can't be sharpened no matter what condition. No more oil and stone and making sure you have the correct angle, this set does it all, even my wife can use it!
Great to see that you are still out there, i just bought 2 more sets for other family members
Thanks and keep up the good work

Dan Auster (Lake Powell, Utah)

November 2010
I have owned an Edgemaker for approx 15 yrs and I must say that it is the
BEST knife sharpening tool that I have ever owned. I also have shown it to
several friends who claim that they can sharpen any knife better that anyone
else. After matching their abilites to the Edgemaker, they have agreed that
your tool is the best that they have ever seen, and have bought them.

The tool that I have, like I said is about 15 yrs old, the orange handled
one. I broke one of thes tools years ago and you replaced it at no cost. I
believe at that time that I was told they were guarenteed for life. ( I may
have been wrong) Anyhow my question is is this true? If so what must I do
to get it replaced. The part that holds the sharpening rods broke and the
rod can no longer be held in place. . If this is not correct please
advise so I can make arrangements to purcjase a new one. I DO NOT want to
be without one of these tools.

Thank you in advance!!

Steve Hoogester
West Bend Wisconsin

Steve, The Edgemaker is "Guaranteed for Life" please just send the broken
Pro to the address below along with a check for $5.50 for shipping and
handling and we will send you back a Brand New one :-) Also, may we post
your comments on our website?

Happy Holidays :-)

2000 Fairwood Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43207

Thanks for the information. I will get a check and the old tool to you soon. I do not want to be without it!!! And yes feel free to spot my comments on your site. They are entirely true and as stated I would not want to be without yuour tool while trying to sharpen a knife.

Thanks again!!

Steve Hoogester

Steve Hoogester (West Bend Wisconsin)

September 2010
Hi a friend of mine turned me on to your product and its THE GREATEST. Cant wait to purchase a system.therr in the Better living Center or somewhere because they always I am a Citizaen that works Public service at multiple levels that hunts, fishes and butchers my own stuff and am a memeber of multiple clubs. I will be telling everyone about your product... thanks
Mike Fraser (Massachusetts)

September 2010
I bought the full set 10 years ago and I keep all my knives sharp, including friends and family members. It is unbelievable how easy this system works and the price I paid for such a good quality product.
Scott Couch (Sutherlin, Oregon)

August 2010
I just wanted to tell you that a friend and I each bought one of your sharpeners at a gun show more than 10 years ago.
Needless to say, we have twisted and turned and swapped the steels many times since then. They are finally worn-out but gave us excellent service for a long time.
You have a good product. I have sent your website to more than 30 friends in my target-shooting club and encouraged them to buy one.

Frank Mosna

Frank Mosna (Tempe, AZ)

August 2010
order placed was to shipped to Sturgis and I didn't see any options for quicker shipping on your site. I need those puppies asap for the Sturgis Rally. Could you please expedite this order as soon as possible. I would appreciate a call from y'all to let me know when they have shipped and if there is any faster way to get them to me. I will be on the road from Montana to Sturgis on Monday, so I may be in some area where I won't get a good signal. You have my number that was submitted with my order, I love my Edgemakers. The only issue is that I have to turn the 'tines' to keep them performing well and have worn out two sets already...I do free knife sharpening at the Rally, so I do sharpen a LOT of knives....any suggestions? Thank You, Paul
Paul Harris (Texas)

July 2010
The Cobra Hide Away is without a doubt the best knife sharpener I have ever found. It attaches right inside a drawer and all I do is flit it up to use it and it sharpens your knives with a very sharp edge. No more dull knives.
Dawn Sobel (Parkesburg, PA USA)

April 2010

Those sharpeners are the best I've ever had. I'll keep you in mind this coming Christmas.

Bill Broderick

December 2009
Hello there! My neighbor showed me your products, and I want it too! But my knives are good by now (I used his tools to sharpen mine!), so I guess I might not need all models. Should I get the Deluxe only, or should I also have the Golden touch? Also, what are the shipping cgarges to ship to Quebec, Canada? Thank you!
Sébastien Royal (Quebec, Canada)

December 2009
Hi, I bought these as stocking stuffers for Christmas so if possible, I'd like to received them as quickly as possible. Thanks!
P.S. - I love my Edgemaker. I've been using it for 10+ years and I have the sharpest knives of any of my friends. Now I'm letting them in on my secret! Happy Holidays!


November 2009
I am looking forward to getting my knife sharpener. We found one of the sharpeners in my parents' estate stuff. My nephew has been using it for a couple of years and has been very satisfied. I bought three sets: one for me and one each for my brother & sister. Not only will it keep our knives sharp, but it will be another tangible remembrance of our parents. This is a purchase of the heart.

August 2009
Hi, thank you for your email. I received my first order a couple of days ago on Tuesday. I was surprised to hear you rarely ship to Australia. It is probably a great potential market for your product. I am a professional chef and already own another professional sharpener as well as the Edgemakerpro system but find the convenience and speed of the Edgemaker System makes it much more viable in a commercial kitchen. Over here the latest popular sharpening system is made with diamond fingers. That system is overrated and does not deliver the results it promises. I will continue to recommend your great product over here in Australia.
Z. X. (Australia)

July 2009
Thank you so much! I'm crazy about my Edgemaker and was bereft when I realized I'd left it behind on vacation but thankfully, I finally found the spare in my closet.
Kempy M.

April 2009
Hi: I just received my Sharpening System, and have already sharpened all my knives! All I can say is WOW... They are now razor sharp and it was so easy.. I must say that I am totally impressed with these tools and would recommend them to anyone that needs something like this. Fantastic Product! Thank you.
Gary E.

January 2009
Received my 4-step sharpening tools today, and tried it out! Perfect sharpening tools I have ever used. PERIOD. Thought I would let you know. Thanks for making it so easy.

Mayfield M. (Datil, N.M.)

November 2008
Hello, As requested, I just want to verify that I have finally received my package, and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thanks for such a high quality product! I look forward to conducting business with you again in the future.
Brandon S. (Pennsylvania, USA)

October 2008
I was fiddle farting in my father's drawer last Saturday and noticed a red-orange piece of plastic lying in amongst a pile of useless utensils. I picked it up, looking awkward and cheap I took it outside to laugh and make jokes about its uselessness nature as I cooked. I thought I would further magnify my comical theatrics by attempting to sharpen my Cold Steel Voyager Tanto Stainless Steel lock blade. The knife I ran thru the Edgemaker was dull. My girlfriend had used it a one point to cut through artificial flowers... when I was done using the Edgemaker I proceeded to do the "sharp test". OK, it's really not in my nature to send a company a email about there product. But holy sh_t, my knife was so sharp that it looks and acts like a new razor blade. If you know anything about the ColdSteel line of lock blades the steel is so hard that sharpening it is almost pointless. I had a friend spend 2 hours on an Indian stone... he was so proud of himself. It was sharp, but not as sharp as what the Edgemaker did to it. The knife I have has a tanto point on it. I am sure you know what this is; it's like a mini samurai sword. To the point, It is a pain to sharpen. I hated myself for buying it. But now with the Edgemaker it is super easy. Your product kicks ass!
David M. (Datil, N.M.)

April 2008
I have always been impressed by the very fine job the Edgemaker does in keeping my cutlery sharp. In fact, I recently purchased three sets of the 4-step sharpening system for my children who were in awe of how sharp my knives were. But now I am even more impressed by the quality of service with your Life time warranty that you carry and stand behind. Well don on all counts.
Henry L. (North Falmouth, MA)

February 2008
I recently purchased one of your company's items and was very happy with my experience. I ordered the item on-line, and received a call first thing the following morning to discuss a discrepancy with regards to my personal information. The item was shipped immediately thereafter and I received it two days later. I was thrilled with the speed with which it arrived, and with your reasonable pricing. Thank you for your outstanding service that goes hand in hand with your outstanding product.
Suzanne M.